The Cornerstone Series

Theologically complete and developmentally appropriate for high school

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The Word, Son of the Living God, The Risen One, The Cornerstone, Fountain of Life, and The Way implement the new U.S. Bishops’ High School Curriculum Framework and engage students where they are— intellectually, spiritually, morally, and socially.

An integrated approach that promotes Catholic identity and leads to the life of discipleship

These new texts comprehensively treat the doctrinal requirements of each Framework course and invite students to consider essential dimensions of Catholic life—morality, spirituality, prayer, and justice. Engaging features challenge students to go beyond themselves into the mind of others, of Christ, and of the Church.

Extensive resources and support for teachers, written by teachers

Four color wrap-around Teacher Editions, with reduced student text pages, provide inductive and deductive teaching strategies and activities that address different teaching styles and learning modalities. With easy-to-use chapter planning guides, background info, project planning sheets, primary source extensions, and other reproducible resources.

Multifaceted and measurable assessment that addresses knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors

Student Editions include in-text questions for comprehension and application, section and chapter reviews that range from lower to higher order processes and academic and formative activities. Teacher Editions include chapter assessments and rubrics as well as course pre and post assessments to assess prior learning and evaluate understanding.

Fresh technology resources that are easy to navigate and use

Chapter specific resources such as PowerPoints®, customizable assessments, and reproducible student resources are available online. The Teacher website also offers chapter activities and reading guides, primary source links, current events, and more. Student websites support and enhance classroom learning with daily resources, chapter outlines and study guides, student text connections, interactive quizzes, multimedia glossaries, annotated links for research, audio, and video clips.